Friday, 7 August 2015

Miss L Fire Shoes, Luella

I recently became aware of Miss L Fire, and immediately fell in love with her retro inspired line of shoes! After eight years the UK based company has now opened shop in Hollywood, Los Angeles, and is quickly becoming a popular brand amongst vintage, retro and pin-up culture.

When i saw the Luella's, i knew my life would not be complete without them. Her packaging and branding is AMAZING. Enjoy these photos of the unveiling of 'Luella'!

First of all, just look at this box. LOOK AT IT! Adorable.

It even comes with its own shoe bag. I'm really pleased when I get these, because I use them regularly with my expensive shoes. I will explain later.

TA DAH! Isn't she a beauty? And look at the cowboy themed tissue paper!

It pairs beautifully with my favorite vintage dress.

They make me feel so pretty! (Try to ignore my mosquito bites, they were so bad that day!)

Color: It is a bit more on the green-yellow side than pictures may translate, so be aware. They don't pair as well with a canary yellow dress i had high hopes for, but i think i can still get away with it ;) BTW Luella comes in three more colors! 

Size: Miss L Fire uses European sizing. Typically i am an 8-8.5, so according to her chart I ordered a 39. It was a full size too big! Luckily i ordered these from ModCloth, who are excellent and fast about exchanges. On the Miss L Fire website, i felt a little uncertain how easy an exchange would be, which is why i chose to order them from ModCloth. But now that i know my size I will feel more confident ordered direct.
Once i got my 38, the fit seemed perfect and they were quite comfortable, but after a day of wear at work my heel was slipping out. I think the vinyl stretched a little. I put inserts where the ball of my feet go (these push the foot back into the heel) and voila, a good fit once again. 

Care: Treat your expensive shoes with care if you want them to last. Like i said earlier, i will carry my shoes in a shoe bag till i get to where i am going and then put them on. Also, if it starts raining or you find yourself in an area that is muddy, etc. You can swap them for your flats. 
The sued material picks up dirt and stains easily. Something i SHOULD have done (and was recommended to me by Miss L Fire) was spray them with a sued protectant spray. She also suggested i use a sued cleaner to get some marks off the heel. I tried using a alcohol/chlorine free baby wipe and it did not work, i wouldn't recommend trying that. But i DO use the baby wipes to clean the bottom sole of the shoe when i come home after each use. It just keeps them looking nicer, longer.

Overall: I really like this shoe and her brand. I will be purchasing more of her beautiful and unique shoes. 

Miss L Fire's shoes are limited edition, and she is currently having a summer sale including the Luella!

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