Thursday, 9 July 2015

Throw Back Thursday, My First Blog Post

Hey, It's #TBT and yesterday I was reading over my first blog post, which is still one of my favorites. I love going back and reliving this moment in my life when i went to Toronto to perform at Girlesque 13. So today is a perfect day to re-share this with you:
Tempest Storm, Girlesque 13 and a Burly Girls Dream

A few quotes to tempt you to read further... 
"She almost lost her nipples." 
"It's a basement apartment...and it's covered in porn." (What happened when i had no choice but to go home with a stranger)

"Elvis followed, and kneeled next to her. 'Can I join you?' He asked Tempest."

Probably the best part about this article was my meeting Burlesque Legend Tempest Storm, and I recorded the stories she told us about her life. You drink in everything that woman says. 
Enjoy the read darlings! xo

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