Thursday, 9 July 2015

Throw Back Thursday, My First Blog Post

Hey, It's #TBT and yesterday I was reading over my first blog post, which is still one of my favorites. I love going back and reliving this moment in my life when i went to Toronto to perform at Girlesque 13. So today is a perfect day to re-share this with you:
Tempest Storm, Girlesque 13 and a Burly Girls Dream

A few quotes to tempt you to read further... 
"She almost lost her nipples." 
"It's a basement apartment...and it's covered in porn." (What happened when i had no choice but to go home with a stranger)

"Elvis followed, and kneeled next to her. 'Can I join you?' He asked Tempest."

Probably the best part about this article was my meeting Burlesque Legend Tempest Storm, and I recorded the stories she told us about her life. You drink in everything that woman says. 
Enjoy the read darlings! xo

Thursday, 2 July 2015

My Miami Burlesque Weekend

The weekend before last (i know, tardy as usual) was a great weekend...Why? Because after receiving my U.S work permit i finally had not one but two burlesque shows! I was having serious showgirl withdrawal. It had been over six months since i last performed, and now i had a full weekend of burlesque to look forward too!

Curtain call at The Ritz Glitz Revue. (Click photos to enlarge) 

My first performance was Friday night for the darling Sophia Luna, and her gig at Jada Coles in Coral Gables. A small but very cool bar, both Alex and I enjoyed the atmosphere and the drinks were great (they had mini bottles of prosecco!).

When i first arrived, Google Maps had directed us to the parking lot at the next door restaurant. I walked in with my hair still in a few pin-curls and wearing vintage leopard print dress. A man, i'm going to assume was the owner walked up VERY close to me...

"Uh- hi! I'm the performer. Is this Jada Coles? Google Maps directed me here."

"No, Jada is next door. Are you parked in the back?"

"Oh! Yes I am, i'm sorry about that, I can move."

"No, you can park there."

"Oh? It's a shared parking lot?"

"YOU can park there." I immediately understood and flashed him my best show girl smile. He even let Alex and I drag all my luggage through his restaurant. It was a comical sight, i'm sure.

Once at Jada Coles I was shown to my "dressing room"... Burlesque performers do not always get the glamorous dressing rooms people imagine. I was directed to an office/ liquor storage room that was the size of a closet. It was hot and stuffy and had a huge metal door. I was going to change into my first costume so i shut the door... Um... there is no door handle from the inside. Trapped! I accept my fate and continue changing...if i die of suffocation at least i will leave and sparkly and beautiful corpse. I was not saved until Sophia showed up and we had to develop a system of texting our men to let us out. Every now and then interrupted by staff who needed to grab something. It comes with the territory sometimes and i'm used to it.

Sophia Luna
On with the show! The crowd was very warm and receptive to our antics. The space was just big enough i could do a cat walk through the crowd- an intimate show. Afterwards myself, Alex, Sophia, her fiancee and emcee Rio Dios Mio enjoyed some drinks and got to socialize with the super lovely guests. That is something i love about shows in intimate venues!

The next evening was The Ritz Glitz Revue, produced by glamour queen Aurora Natrix, at Bar Stache 1920's Drinking Den in Fort Lauderdale! Also featuring Jenna BethLila Starlet and- oh hai again, emcee Rio Dios Mio!
First lets talk about the venue... Amazing! It's like a swanky high end bar made love with a theatre and this was their birth child. Complete with an upper level and wings overlooking the stage. The decor perfectly suits its title and theme, and the bars mixologists are artists of their craft. One con...the dressing room was such a mess it was difficult for four showgirls to maneuver in it, but i digress.

Aurora Natrix
Jenna Beth and I arrived at the same time. Followed by Aurora Natrix with a sewing machine in tow!
"Last minute changes." She giggled.
This is in no way a sign of procrastination, nor was I entirely surprised. Ever since I have met Aurora she is always sewing. Pulling all nighters sometimes (often). One time I helped her crystal a costume so she could have time to finish another. I probably laid down a few hundred crystals. Her boyfriend Jorge coming to the rescue with cookies, something i'm sure he often does. She is a slave to that machine, but it pays off... Her costume are the fucking bomb! She motivates me to up my game all the time.
Then arrives Lila Starlet, her hair still in pincurls and some massive props in tow. We don't pack lightly.
Lila Starlet

Jenna Beth
The show made my little burlesque heart sing. Everyone performed their biggest, best and most sparkliest acts! Jenna had feather fans, Lila had a giant keyhole shadow screen, Aurora had giant isis wings and I was showing off my new costume... I felt like a glorious, flowing pink and mint dream. The costume has kind of a 60's vibe. I call this act Fearlessly Feminine, because it looks so girly but my music and performance style is intense and fierce.
The audience was amazing and gave us so much love! After each performance, when i walked off the stage there was a voice from the wing above- "Marry me!" "I have a ring!"
We were all beaming afterwards.

Aurora Natrix regularly presents The Ritz Glitz Revue at Bar Stache. 
If you want to see my next Florida performance, check out the Events page on my website.

Angela La Muse, Yours truly.

My latest costume, Fearlessly Feminine!