Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Secret Confessions of a Burlesque Dancer 2: Life, Gratitude & Beauty.

I need to take a moment to seriously acknowledge the fact i feel so so so very lucky to know such extraordinary people and to have the life I lead. I was overwhelmed by this feeling, yet again, at last weekends Comic Con, which was a very memorable experience for my first one because it brought all of these talented people together. Also i had some experiences and met new people that felt very special. It makes me mindful of everyone in my life who has had a positive affect on me... Mentors, friends, lovers, my burlesque family (shout out to Toronto and Vancouver peeps!), the amazing local performers and artists i encounter right here in Winnipeg, sponsors and so on.

You and so many others who believe in me, you have all helped me along in one way or another (you might not even know it!). It brings me to tears with gratitude. Many of you have said that i am a source of inspiration. But its the support i am blessed enough to receive that allows me to continue with my passion......If i don't say this enough, i notice this shit and i am constantly in awe of you!
Some of these people i have met in passing, some are not even a part of my life anymore, but i am still grateful for them.

I LOVE people, and i love experiencing something new, fun or interesting... Perhaps its this desire that gets me into trouble sometimes, but it has taken me places and put me in some incredible situations that has made life pretty fucking awesome. There was an exchange of life stories recently and at one point i was asked "Are you making this up!?"
Sometimes I look back and I can't believe I'm that little girl who came from the middle of the woods in Cape Breton Island with big dreams and no money in her pocket. For twenty-eight i have lived alot of life. Maybe this was motivated by listening to the incredible stories my grandmother used to tell me of her life when i was a child. At one point her family was so wealthy she lived briefly in a palace in India and had servants to dress her, but then her family lost it all. I know these stories were true... She had boxes and boxes of ivory and precious items in her attic, which come to think of it, were probably very illegal. At such a young age i listened, and thought, I'm going to have a unique story!

In conclusion: Life is beautiful. Enjoy it. Appreciate everything. Don't hold back. Write your own story!