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Collaborating with a professional burlesque dancer, pin-up model and blogger is a unique opportunity!
Sponsoring in a way that helps support my business and goals is the fastest and easiest way to do so. I work hard to keep my sponsors happy. Just ask my fabulous five year sponsor Level Hair & Spa!

Sponsorship can be in the form of a financial donation or in trade, such as a product. If you would like to request my wish list contact me: contact@angelalamuse.com

CLICK HERE to learn more about exclusive rewards and download the sponsorship PDF form.


Featured Story- Means you are the highlight of a blog post. I personally tailor the story of your brand, product, service and uniqueness. This will include, but not limited too: A story combining photos, styling and location. And will also be shared on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
A featured story will remain in the blog archives.
*Sponsoring a product or service is the most cost effective way to get a feature.

Banner Ads- These are kept to the right side of the page and run top to bottom in the order payment is received.
300 X 300
60 days for $15
6 months for $30

300 x 150
60 days for $10
6 months for $25

Collaboration, sponsorship, advertising, press and questions can be directed to: Contact@AngelaLaMuse.com

Please note: The Freelance Muse is becoming more and more fabulous each day! Rates are subject to change in 2016.

A collaboration with HeyViv.com . Photoshoot organized, location scouted, styled and modeled by myself.
Photographed by Dano Tanaka.

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