About Your Muse

The Freelance Muse author is better known as Miss Angela La Muse. A full time professional burlesque dancer and producer from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Currently abroad in Miami, Florida, USA, with her husband; a creative director and cat Phoenix. Like a muse, she has graced the stage, film, camera and canvas. When she is in showgirl form, she is reminiscent of a 1940's Hollywood starlet. Off the stage she is a sought after pin-up model, instructor in the arts of her trade, and creative mavin.

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10 Interesting Facts About Angela La Muse:

1. She used to dance with large snakes.
2. She was a nanny in England.
3. Her ex is one of the '50 fastest guitar players' in the world (Guitar World Magazine), Herman Lee.
4. Martin Short compared her to Gypsy Rose Lee.
5. She has a featured role, in Guy Maddin's 'The Forbidden Room' narrated by famous American poet John Ashbery.
6. She believes in spirits and saw them often as a child.
7. She likes to sing, especially songs by Peggy Lee, Etta James and Nina Simone. Although usually too shy to sing in public...oddly not shy to take off her clothes.

8. She had a chocolate named after her by the award winning Chocolatier Constance Popp.
She played person of interest 'Lolita The Snake Dancer' in an award winning documentary 'Winnipeg Burlesque' by John Barnard and Far Point Films.
10. She is the album cover model of 'Bright Ideas: Joshua Bruneau Septet', from New York City.